Keep track -from anywhere in the world-

of all sales and expenses data for your productions,

linking projects, clients, suppliers and overheads;

from the first bid up to the Wrap Book.


From the first bid up to the Wrap Book


ProductionHouseDog (PhD)  is a smart, easy-to-learn, Windows or MAC financial management application, developed by film production professionals, addressed to Production House owners, Producers and Production Managers who want to keep track -from any part of the world- of all sales and expenses data for their productions, linking projects, clients, suppliers and overheads; from the first bid up to the Wrap Book.

Most importantly, PhD prepares a Wrap Book at the click of a buttonwhich includes all needed lists, memo deals, purchase orders, NDAs, contracts, invoices, etc.

Last but not least, PhD is GDPR compliant, by importing consent agreements of the suppliers, protecting their encrypted data, ensuring the timely deletion of files and complying with a user’s right to be forgotten.


Budgeting In Any Template


ProductionHouseDog includes a BUDGETING module, but… our 25 years of experience in developing software for the film industry has proved that every Production Manager, every Producer and -lately- every Client loves to use his own spreadsheet form. PhD can handle unlimited number of budget templates so you can make a detailed pitch or just compare Estimated vs Actual costs, in order to see where you were over- or under-budget in any form.



Your Accountant’s Best Friend


ProductionHouseDog is not accounting software, although certain countries or small production companies with simple accounting requirements can use it as such. PhD keeps track and exports lists of all EXPENSES (from Purchase Orders up to final Supplier Invoices) and all SALES (from bids up to issuing one or more invoices for any particular project). Then the Company’s accountant can transfer expenses and sales invoice data from the PhD to the company’s accounting software, in order to be compatible with any local tax requirements.


Producer friendly

PhD follows exactly the same procedure that a Producer does in order to pitch, produce and wrap any project :


  • Creates a new project and links it to a Client
  • Selects a budget template
  • Assigns it to a Producer and/or a Production Manager
  • Prepares a Budget Estimate
  • Sends one or more Bids
  • If the Project is not awarded
    • Closes it and it creates respective statistical data
  • If the Project is awarded
    • Makes deals with existing or new Suppliers
    • Prepares NDAs
    • Prepares Purchase Orders
    • Prepares Contracts
    • Stores supplier Invoices & Receipts
    • Adds internal and/or overhead costs
  • When a project is completed, PhD generates Reckon Reports which :
    • Compare all Estimated Costs to actual expenses
    • Tie External Costs with their respective invoices, receipts, etc
    • Calculate Internal Company costs upon your rates
  • Exports a Wrap Book in .zip file including:  Lists, reports, contracts, invoices, POs, NDAs, etc
    plus all items in detailed XLS spreadsheet, so your accountant can import them to your accounting records
  • Providing that you keep all your projects in your cloud storage you can get annual or multi-year statistics about your sales performance, profit margins, clients and suppliers details


PhD has practically a zero learning curve. You can start using it immediately, because


  • PhD has built-in all production expenses types and services offered in our industry. Of course you can add new expenses or services according to your needs anytime
  • Bid Forms, Budget Templates, Memo Deals, Purchase Orders, Non-Disclosure Agreements, GDPR consent contracts and other standard industry templates are also included. Naturally, you can amend them according to your specs.
  • As both the application and the data are stored in cloud, you can use PhD from any part of the world and have an automatic back-up, encrypted with AES-256 for maximum security.
  • You can easily switch from English to your local language in the user interface, as well as in the exported bids, budgets, reports, statistics, etc.
  • All budget reckons can be set up on any template that your Clients or your Producers are accustomed.
  • All project details can be exported in xls format, allowing your accounting software to automatically import them. If your accounting software does not allow such bridging, your accountant can inspecct all the sorted data in order to enter them into your accounting software manually.
  • There’s no need to read a manual. After PhD is initialized by your Administrator, your Producers and Production Managers can perform their tasks, following simple screens with film friendly self-explanatory descriptions.
  • For the RTFM aficionados, there is a Help button in every screen. Click the “?” and you will read anything that you should know about this particular part of PhD. You can download here the full PhD manual 


If you would like to use PhD in your company or as a free-lance producer or production manager, just click here to register .
We will set up your PhD company cloud space address in the form of : and send you an administrator password.
This allows you to use -free of any charge- a fully operating PhD for 3 months / 100 MB of cloud storage.
Then, should you wish to continue…

Renew the Admin’s subscription at 50 Euros per month.

Purchase additional cloud storage space anytime, at 60 Euros per 500 MB, per year.

This is the minimum configuration to start working with PhD (one user and cloud storage space).

The cloud storage volume which you might need depends on many factors, such as : Number of projects, Shooting days per project, number of crew members per shoot day, as well as the scaning resolution of Contracts, Invoices and other documents you keep for each project. Usually a typical 3 day shoot for a commercial film (12 locations, 35 crew members, 20 actors, 100 extras, sets & constructions, travel and accommodation on location for 7 days, etc) does not consume more that 50 MB of storage. A feature film of the same set up, which requires 30 shooting days, will take around 100 MB of storage. Upon downloading the Wrap Book you can clear the project from the cloud, although we recommend that you keep it at least until the end of the fiscal year, so you can get vital statistics of your company’s performance.

Anytime you reach 80% of your storage your PhD Admin will be notified, so you can update your subscription on time. To renew, visit My Storage page of your PhD, type the amount of MB that you want to add, pay via PayPal and your system will be updated automatically.

Get additional Resident PhD User Licenses at 50 Euros per month, per person.

Any time you wish to add an Executive, Producer, Production Manager or any other colaborator, visit My Storage page of your PhD, type the e-mail of your partner, the amount of months you need for each one and the access level and pay via PayPal.  Your collaborators will receive an introductory e-mail with a password and can start using PhD immediatelly.

Invite a PhD User to work within your company.
If a free-lance Producer or Production manager has already got a PhD subscription, he can use any Production Company’s PhD without

any additional fees, providing that the Production Company’s administrator allows him to, under customized restrictions.

  • Group purchases for more users and more storage space are available.
  • Let us know if –for any reason- you would like to install PhD in your own Cloud server and depending on
    the number of user licenses we will submit a financial offer per your approval.
  • Text in all contracts, forms and expense items is easily customized by the PhD Admin
  • Translation of labels and help files in your local language can be provided upon request
Please e-mail us your requirements at
If you don’t want to continue using PhD after the trial period… no hard feelings.

We would appreciate it though,  if you would let us know what went wrong. There’s always room for improvement.

The PhD team